Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Dear people who sell the pill....

Dear people who sell the pill:
Or Dear Aetna or Dear people in control of US Health insurance:

It is really annoying that not only do I pay a large sum just to have medical insurance, but that something like the birth control pill is not available for cheaper. What had cost me 10 bucks a year ago, now costs $20, costs some women $40, and I could get in Chile for the equivalent of $2. Over the Counter. (The irony of me being able to buy birth control over the counter in Chile, where abortion is illegal and where divorce has been legal for less than 5 years, is not lost on me.)

Please kindly make the pill a little bit easier to get, so that I don't have to do things like rely on calendars. Also, please note that it would be healthcare-wise financially in my best interest (according to a representative from one of Los Angeles' public hospitals), to become pregnant and therefore be eligible for free healthcare, than to be a responsible and stable 25 year old student who would rather put babymaking on hold for a few years. I have, yes, been told that I should get pregnant in order to get health coverage.

The $20 is better than the much more that I would spend if I was unexpectedly or expectedly pregnant BUT it is STILL 20 bucks I would much rather spend on food.


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