Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jesus came to my party...

Notice that Jesus appeared on a tortilla chip at my birthday dinner.
And also notice the cards- my in-laws wrote (translated), "your adopted parents adore you", which was probably one of the best birthday gifts ever.

I also received many phone calls and wishes, including one from my 4 year old nephew, and I felt so loved today. Thanks to all!

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cindy said...

Oooooohh Happy Birthday Erin!!! xD

Love your nails! I can see it from the photo. LOL! Oh my, will you look at THAT cake! Yummy!! You make me feel like buying a cake for myself too! (tho it's not my birthday)

Many, many happy returns and blessings, sweetie. May your wish come true! :D


PS: Did your husband bake a cake for you? hehe..