Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Here's a good one...

Things I'm going to have to start doing to pinch pennies:
1. Wash out plastic baggies and re use them
2. Wash tin foil.
3. Use the coffee filter for at least five times.
4. Mix water and milk to stretch out milk.
5. Put cow manure in my gas tank. Wait. We don't have cows...
6. Clip coupons.
7. Use real towels instead of paper towels.
8. Re use napkins and paper towels. (My grandma so totally does this.)
9. Use plastic containers that used to be for butter as tupper ware.
10. By GENERIC coffee.
11. Drink tap water.
12. Re-use envelopes.
13. Make bath-tub gin.
14. Make my own clothes. Which means learning to sew and collecting potato sacks.
15. Start charging Dennis for house cleaning and other favors. (e.g. Me washing HIS SOCKS= $1.00 per pair of socks.)

Anything I'm forgetting?

(PS: Dennis is such an old man. He just said "I've been saying that for like two years!" Really, he has.)

1 comment:

~Virginia~ said...

Not sure what bathtub gin is, but okay! :) I re-use dryer sheets for dusting.