Thursday, April 03, 2008

This is a NO

Soo. Lent being over, I can go back to Go Fug Yourself, I can see ugly fashion all over the place and be thankful that I choose to stick to un glamorous t-shirts and sweats.

Because This definitely does not ooze glamour. The top could work with some other bottoms. These pants/toungue/upside down sweatshirt look a)like something a little girl would wear b)like something a little girl would wear when she is on a sugar high.

The toungue flap thing in front. What the hell is that? It's an unnecessary placement of lips, hiding her legs. Again, it looks like she put her legs into the arms of a pink and white striped sweatshirt. Shouldn't the pants fit? Like fit her legs? Even if the toungue wasn't there, they are too baggy. It's just a big mess of badness.

Now, I will go back to scheduled studying of something in 2Kings.


capnwatsisname said...

It also looks like her left hip is so stunned it can't think of anything.

cindy said...

Bahahahaha that's fugly!!