Friday, May 30, 2008

I'm getting over Tyra.

This is exactly why America's Next Top Model is more ridiculous every cycle. Because Tyra Banks doesn't even model anymore, and gives out loads of advice as if she is the BEST MODEL EVER. She is part-patronizing, part-motherly,part-takesherselftooseriously, and really fake. Really, none of these photos even look natural. And it looks like she is selling a barbie doll version of herself.

I wonder, when I realize, how much I dislike Tyra Banks and the judges, why I still watch ANTM. I have to say that it is for the models, even if they never become famous, because they have so much drama and they want to be on the cover of Seventeen magazine sooo bad. And watching Tyra give all these poses whilst acting as if she KNOWS IT ALL, is kind of hilarious. It's kind of like watching those little girls in kiddie pageants who are being manipulated by stage moms who make them bleach their teeth to look ten years older and not pretty at all...

Tyra's hair looks exactly like the hair of a barbie doll I had in the 80's. I know she loves to talk about how much she can work her forehead, but really this whole photo shoot is so annoying.

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~Virginia~ said...

i've always loathed tyra. she's so obnoxious and arrogant. jason calls her Five Head. :)

have a wonderful weekend! :)