Saturday, August 02, 2008

"But it's FREE stuff!!!"

I am making my triumphant re-entry into Blogland by appropriately ranting about my husband's disgust over my ability to scavange the apartments and dorms for free stuff as people move out. He calls it trash. I call it barely used goods that make our apartment more like a home.

I picked up a magazine bin/holder thing. It's leather and the strap was broken so I had already made a mental note to throw it away again when the time is good. But right now, I really need a basket-type storage thing that doesn't look like a cardboard box to store ALL OF MY HUSBAND'S PAPER THAT TAKES UP OUR KITCHEN TABLE. (All of those papers that mean something to him but that I cannot file or throw away or shred.) It's an ugly leather bin but it's not an eyesore that clashes with our apartment.

I also grabbed a magnetic frame thingy that kind of looks like a cookie sheet (mental note to take a photo...)

So Dennis and I are not speaking right now. It doesn't matter that I made him breakfast, mopped the floor, am cleaning our carpets, etc. It matters that I went to look for something to put the papers in whilst cleaning the kitchen table.

Let's list all tof the things that we have because I scavenge successfully at Pepperdine:

1. Two couches

2. Coffee Table

3. Microwave

4. Television

5. Window unit Air Conditioner

6. Cute side table in the living room.

7. Loads of picture frames, including the frame that is holding the scarves and chopsticks given to us in Japan as traditional wedding gifts, as well as frames that showcase our families.

8. Our stereo

9. Our dirt devil

10. Four of our rugs- two bathroom rugs, one kitchen rug, and one bedroom rug.

11. The lamp in our bedroom

12. The lamp in our living room

13. Our sugar, flour, tea canisters.

14. Our mixing bowls

15. A kitchen storage shelf with a really pretty butchers block on top and two handy steel drawers.

16. A very handy stool.

17. Hammer and screwdriver.

18. Our fantastic Parisian art that decorates and MAKES our kitchen/dining room area awesome and complete.

And I'm sure this list will go on.

So, Dennis, you are wrong in being mean and angry because I choose to go to the public laundry rooms to find stuff that people moving away are throwing out. Especially because I donate loads of clothes and other stuff all the time and myself put things in our laundry room. Plus, people pay money for these things. I haven't been to a garage sale or to the salvation army (except to donate) in over five years and yet I still have all of this great stuff. And it was FREE!!!!!!
PS: Ultimate Revenge- I can publish a photo of me looking AWESOME and you not so much during our mission trip to Japan, whilst visiting Lake Towada. HA!!!

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~Virginia~ said...

okay i'm totally jealous. i LOVE free stuff!