Saturday, August 09, 2008

My new laptop background photo.

I just received this photo from one of my readers in Japan, Mitsuko. She took Dennis and I to a Shinto Shrine on the last Saturday. It was a meaningful trip because she let us see a part of Japanese culture that we wouldn't normally see (unless we were as tourists only). She took great care to explain as best as she could the meanings of the paper and ponds and statues and water, and we tried to be as respectful as we could, as we were obviously kind of tourists and we were there on a Christian mission trip and not necessarily to ask for blessings.
I don't know if visiting the worship sites of other religions is necessarily a negative thing or not, but I thought it was important for us to go and I thought that the Shrine was beautiful and ancient and spiritual, even if I am do not theologically understand/agree with the hows and why. And when I prayed, I prayed to my God. Maybe that means something?
At any rate, it was about 15 minutes of my trip that helped me to understand the culture I was in better, and I think it helped my friendship with Mitsuko. I think she was happy and proud to show us something that we don't see in Western cultures. And maybe Mitsuko will know that Western Christians aren't all close-minded and uninterested.


~Virginia~ said...

your smile in that last photo is cute. like you're absolutely thrilled to be somewhere. :) have a great weekend!

CJane said...

I agree with Virginia. Your smile in that last photo is so cute!! :D