Sunday, January 18, 2009

Going back to Japan...

I'm exhausted after a weekend of training and bonding with the students who I will go to Japan with this summer. Really. My brain hurts from the thoughts of personal and team strengths and weaknesses, from the challenge as you prepare to not only go to another culture but to do so wearing your faith on your sleeve. But I am confident in our team and in being the only girl. I made it clear that I like to have structure, even if I'm not necessarily in charge, and I realized that I have a high need to be included and to have approval. We did some personality quizzes and my leadership skills were affirmed. Some aspects of my marriage were also affirmed because I realized the following:

*my need for approval and affirmation (normal qualities) explain why I ask Dennis daily if he loves me and for why I LOVE when he says it, especially out of the blue.

*my need for structure and yet for everyone to put in an equal amount of work, explains why I get frustrated for when it seems like I'm the only one doing house chores and then for why I get frustrated when Dennis does things like the dishes "wrong" aka not my way. It also explains why I am a horrible flier, why I have to be early at the movies, etc. I can't have surprises. I must be early. I need to see the trailers lest I miss ANYTHING.

*Dennis rated high on control, meaning that he is confident and capable and is a leader who takes on things even when he is in unknown territory. Which is why I love him- he seems fearless sometimes. But he also thinks, with a lot of confidence, that his way is the best way. Sometimes this is true. He excels in spontaneous situations, opposite me. This is helpful in airport situations where I freak out.

*We both rated high on affection and relationships, meaning that we seek close relationships and affection from others. It makes sense because we both feel love in hugging each other or just holding hands. And it makes sense when I think about how warm and open Dennis is with others (old ladies love Dennis). He really is so open to new friendships and really would do anything for a friend. I love this about him. He really is so optimistic when he creates friendships and expects people to treat him with the same high regard. It's just amazing how open he is.

It was an exhausting weekend but it was a good weekend and I am optimistic, at least about my faith in 2009.

Photo explanation: Our team had to compete with other teams to build a tower using tape and hangers and newspaper and paper clips and straws. We won and our tower was the highest.

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