Sunday, March 30, 2008

I hate Power Points

If you learn power point, you can get a decent grade in most college classes. I hate power point. I hate being creative and I hate it when I "do the basics" (as the cartoon says...) and then the person after me does something amazing like adding music or an mpeg file. I only know basic power point. So when a prof says "you probably should bring in a power point" I slap my head and say "doh!"

It is ironic. I love talking and I cannot keep my mouth shut when it comes to rumors. But I hate public presentations and the pressure to have a dazzling power point. My slide shows are usually short and blue with a white font. And usually, I stutter and have that nervous tone in my voice. The voice gets worse when I start thinking that the audience is bored. My slide show is boring. The teacher is bored. Two guys are in the back laughing, either at me or at something on a laptop....

Dennis, on the other hand, excels at power points and presentations. He has an accent but he also has confidence. And he is an over achiever. So he is "THAT GUY" that follows my presentation with a fantastic brilliant show that includes a moving acoustic version of "One" by Bono as his slide show comes to a close. He is the guy that makes power point presentations so good that the prof sheds a tear.


Anonymous said...

Back during my college time when we just discovered Power Point, we stopped doing doing snail mails and "write" letters through Power Point instead. It was kinda cool, like having a presentation for your friend!

But yeah, I hate Power Point today. Never actually used it for many years now. LOL!

Spanish Kitchenette said...

I am quite good at powerpointing & making public presentations. In the begining, I am quite bervious but then I just think of myself and my job and focus on the as much as I can not to be distracted by anything and anyone.