Sunday, January 14, 2007

Getting ready for UT

their main color is orange. dennis better not bring me a t-shirt with this color. (actually maybe I probably would still wear it to bed. but really. orange??)

we are busy packing and preparing (and shopping yay!) because Dennis needed a new suit and some business casual clothes (and he still needs some new shoes but Dennis is also very damn picky! (see link to shoe shopping flashback post)

And because they are going to tear our bathroom apart for some leak in the wall, we are also packing because we are spending the rest of this week in a hotel. (nice.)


I'm Just Sayin... said...

You're lucky that 2006 is over because according to someone I used to work with, Orange was an "out" color last year and you weren't supposed to wear it.

Maybe it's back "in" this year, I'm not sure.

Hope Dennis has a good trip and you enjoy your stay at the hotel!!!

kuri & ping said...

Hi Erin! Thanks for dropping by my blog the other day. :) I've added your site to bloglines and will be coming back to visit again!

cindy said...

Wow, staying in the hotel for the rest of the week is cool! xD

P/S Orange is really not that bad. *LoL*

Katia said...

Hi Erin! So I see you are still blogging too! Good to know you are around! Take care!